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Focuses on speech and language development and improving child/parent interaction, supporting parents with boundary setting and coping with challenging behaviours. Our skilled staff can offer support for families on the waiting list for spectrum diagnosis by offering behavioural management advice/strategies and support to access further advice in the interim period.

It is centred on school readiness, social skills and children learning to cope with change.

We provide a bespoke package of support into the family home which is a key element to this programme, it is in this environment that we can observe behaviours and routines and where parents feel more relaxed and open to constructive guidance.

Communication and language

Ensuring a child is able to communicate effectively and to understand simple instructions, express themselves effectively and use past, present and future form accurately. Encouraging reading to their child and asking questions therefore developing speech and comprehension. We have a range of learning activities to reinforce a positive learning environment.

Physical development

Showing a child/family the importance of good health and personal care. Encouraging parents to improve a child’s ability to move and handle objects, navigate around in small space, sit still (as they will be required to do in the classroom) and manage their own basic hygiene and toileting needs.

Personal, social and emotional development

Children learning to communicate effectively and learn to give and take. Parents and their children talking and discussing feelings appropriately and children feeling more confident in social settings. Encouraging or taking parents to social groups and increasing their own social activities.

For additional information on the areas we cover and the range of services we provide please contact us or call us on 01843 609665.

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