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The Embrace Programme - an early intervention support programme available to Thanet families

The Embrace Programme focuses on all aspects of psychological wellbeing, primarily our interventions are delivered to parents. However, through this and the Butterfly Programme we also support children suffering emotional stress or displaying behavioural difficulties.

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We Offer:

An individual support package to suit the family's needs, reducing stress and helping to build and strengthen resilience to face life transitions.

We support parents to deal with a child displaying disruptive or negative behaviour. Teaching through play and routine in a way forward for children to deal with anxiety, stress or disruptive behaviours.

Our holistic approach aims to strengthen individuals and ultimately families, reinforcing coping strategies, parenting ability and child/parent relationships.

Who Can Refer?

Referrals can come from agencies working with families or families can refer themselves.

The family must have at least one child under eleven and must live in Thanet.

Parents suffering from low mood, anxiety, panic disorder, depression or suffering from past trauma and who need emotional support.

Women and/or children who have been affected psychologically by past domestic abuse.

Women recovering from birth trauma or suffering from postnatal depression.

Families where discord in the parental relationship is having a negative impact on family life.

Children displaying negative behaviours which are impacting on family life.

How it Works:

We provide a prompt triage of new referrals.

An initial home visit is undertaken to assess and identify the needs of the family and their individual concerns.

Our support package is designed with the individual family needs in mind. We deliver interventions and emotional support for up to six months.

One of our trained volunteer Mentors will offer weekly visits, guidance and emotional support.

We can work at the family home and also support the family to access other services in the local community.

Consistent Evaluation of our Service

Home-Start Thanet ensures that referrers and families referred to us are given an opportunity to give feedback, enabling us to monitor new need and evaluate our service provision.

What Our Families have Told Us:

"I just felt tired and tearful after our last baby. Home-Start just listened, increased my confidence and supported me through it. Thank You."

"My daughter and I were left anxious and fearful after living with my abusive partner, Home-Start helped us both so much."


This service is funded by The Lottery Fund.


For additional information on the areas we cover and the range of services we provide please contact us or call us on 01843 609665.

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01843 609665

Kent Innovation Centre
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